Sunday, September 28, 2014

Did You Know These 13 Facts?

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  1. 13 "Facts" (Completely not fact checked):
    #1) I only looked into this far enough to see 2 of the top 10 movies in 2011. One was Harry Potter (original movie, but we can say it was an adaptation from a book and therefore not original) and the other was Bridesmaids... which was a remake of nothing.
    #2) Saying a guinea pig looks like something is an opinion... interesting sure. Not a fact.
    #3) Bananas (or apples) do produce a bit of ethylene gas and will help ripen tomatos. Not by sitting next to it, but by being in an enclosed place with them.
    #4) True. Well played sir.
    #5) Brain infection from popping zits near your nose is technically true. Nasal infection can spread to the brain. You're also more likely to get the brain infection by picking your nose. So yeaaaaah it's true but... it's like saying you can die from blue ice falling from the sky. It COULD happen but lets not all start wearing helmets.
    #6) False. And not a very good photoshop. There are no blue strawberries that resist freezing. Duh.
    #7) While you can buy a killer whale submarine, the price is $90k not $100k so HA!
    #8) Yep. Glowing squid. That is cool.
    #9) Yep... Mozart had a deep fondness for poop humor.
    #10) True... for part of the day. In different lighting different colors become more visible. It ranges from yellow to light green.
    #11) Neil Patrick Harris is the president yes.
    #12) Dr Seuss did write an adult book. It's damned twisted lol.
    #13) Nope. Not true at all. Of all the amazing things he could do and we should focus on, Bruce Lee is surrounded by tons of bullshit claims.

    This is what happens when I'm drunk and League of Legends makes me wait 20 minutes for a queue.